Slideshare/PDF Viewer(Classic Version ONLY)

Click the "Docs" tab on the right side to view slideshare and PDF viewer. (Only available in classic version.)


Select viewer from the selection box to open a slide share viewer. Enter the Share SlideShare link in the input box and press Enter or click the Run button to view the slideshare in goormIDE. The basic features of Slide Share are provided at the bottom of the slide, for example, viewing slides directly from the homepage. Click the URL dropdown to see a list of slideshows you've seen before. Click the link to view the slide, and press the X button to delete the record.


To view PDFs, upload a PDF file to your project and double-click it. The PDF file will open in a dedicated viewer in the [Docs] tab. You can quickly go to the page you want by typing a number in the input box.


Slideshare and PDF viewers can use a variety of tools to navigate data more efficiently. See what tools are available below. However, some tools may exist only in the PDF viewer and may not be available if you are not the project owner (for shared projects).

  • Previous, Next: Switches slides to the previous or next page.

  • New Window: View the slides in a new window.

  • Zoom in, Zoom Out: Zoom in or out on a slide.

  • Palette: Draws a picture on a slide. Clicking the button brings up the detail palette menu. Click again to dismiss the detail palette menu. This tool is only available for project owners.

    • Pencil: Draw a picture.

    • Eraser: Erase the picture yourself.

    • Color Palette: Change the color of the pencil. Click on a color to display a color palette, and click on the desired color to change the color.

    • Pencil Thickness: Change the thickness of the pencil.

    • Clear all: Erase all pictures.

  • Canvas: Hides or shows the picture drawn on the slide.

  • Link: If you are the project owner, view the contents of the current slide with all the sharers in the current project. At this time, the picture drawn on the slide is also shared. If you are not the project owner, view the slides shared by the project owner.