Select a space from the menu to view a list of containers in that space. Even an organization administrator, only invited spaces appear in the list, and to access uninvited containers You must invite yourself to that space from the Space Settings menu.
  • The container belongs to only one space and can be accessed by members of the space or by members invited to the container.
  • If the space is private, you need to invite members to space to give permission of containers. The container has edit access and the administrator has root access.
  • If the space is public, all members of your organization have read-only access to the container.
  • To give specific permissions, you must invite them on the Container Settings page.

Invite to Container

  • On the Container Settings page, you can invite members or teams to the container. Members who are not member of the space can also be invited to the container. invited members cannot access other containers in the space
Container Settings => Members
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