goorm account (for all services)


There are two ways to sign-up for goorm.

1. Through other services

You can use the social media account from Google, GitHub and BitBucket.

If you want to sign-up with your social media account, click the applicable button and allow goorm to access your account information.

2. With an e-mail

When you sign-up with your e-mail address, we send you an email to verify whether it is valid.

  1. Write your email and click the Verify button.

  2. And click the Confirm Email Address button on your mail.

Then you can see the check sign when you go back to sign in page. Set the password and write your name to create new account.


You can sign in goorm with your social media accounts or your e-mail address.

​If you forgot your password

Click the Reset password text. You can change the password after verifying through your email. (Only available if you signed up with your e-mail)

If you signed up with social media account, please find your password on that social media site.

Delete Account

Only the account owner can delete the account.

1. Go to Profile

Click your profile image(or letter) and go to Profile page. If you are in IDE page, click your profile image(or letter) and click the setting icon.

2. Click the Delete Account button.

Click the Delete button at the bottom of the page. Please check if you using paid plan before delete your account.

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