Nov. 28, 2019


  • Added Option for Container Region

    • Since we started goormIDE service in Korea, we only had a container region in Seoul, which caused many users from overseas to experience some latency in their terminal and slow file read/write (speed). Now, we provide an option for Oregon (US) region and hope that the problems that were mentioned are now solved.

  • Added Environment Variable Configuration

    • Users who are sharing your container with non-root privilege will not be able to access these information.

    • You can find this feature on the Container Settings page.

  • Added new stacks: Caffe / PyTorch / Hadoop / Spark

  • Added Find Command feature

    • Now you can run your scripts without having to use your mouse. Just type Alt + Shift + S.

  • Added WebView widget

    • Preview your website in development, or watch tutorial videos from Youtube without toggling your browser tabs.

  • Added terminal command to open a file with an editor

    • Type goorm [file name] to open the file in an editor.

Resolved issues

  • Enhanced iPad/Mobile Support

    • Fixed a bug where a file would not open after double-clicking at Project Explorer.

    • Improved accessibility of the top menu bar when in mobile portrait mode.

    • Touch and hold a file in the Project Explorer to access the right-click menu.

    • Fixed broken bottom status bar UI in mobile portrait mode.

    • Improved the inconvenience of using the Build/Run/Test buttons.

    • Added horizontal scrolling when open tabs overflow in the bottom layout.

    • Fixed a bug where clicking the Copy URL button would break the table UI in Running URL and Port menu.

  • Fixed a bug that caused the main file name to be created as "" when creating a Java project.

  • Fixed a bug that caused Project Explorer to load infinitely when accessing IDE after deleting main project folder.

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