Quiz Management

'Quiz Management' allows you to create and manage different kinds of quizzes that can be linked to hands-on courses or can be included in exams.

Click on 'Quiz Management' on the left to go to the page.

Make a quiz

If you want to create a new quiz, just click the Make a new quiz button and select its type.

These are the quiz types goormDEVTH supports :

Block-based coding

  • Scratch Quiz: A scratch 2.0(created by MIT) based quiz form.

  • Entry Quiz: A quiz type for matching various command blocks. Entry is a non-profit software learning platform provided by Naver.

Text based coding

  • Programming Quiz: A quiz based on console programming. (Following languages are supported.)

  • Unit test problem: Uses xUnit scoring method. (JUnit is also supported.)

Web development

  • Web Service / Application Development Quiz: Supports web server programming quiz form. (ex. PHP, Python [Django, Flask], Ruby on Rails, Node.js [Express], etc.)

  • HTML / CSS / JS programming Quiz: web page programming using HTML, CSS, JS This is an ongoing quiz form. (Supports jQuery and Bootstrap as a library.)

Database Quiz

  • SQL Quiz: A SQL database quiz form.

General problem

  • O / X Quiz: Applicants are given a question and must answer withh O (true) or X (false)

  • Subjective Quiz: A quiz that require answers in the form of short explanations or words.

  • Multi Choice Quiz: Applicants are asked to select only correct answers from the choices offered as a list.

  • Paring Quiz(Matching Quiz): There are two adjacent lists of related words, phrases, pictures, or symbols. Each item in one list is paired with another item in the other list.

  • Descriptive Quiz: Applicants are asked to give detailed explanation in the quiz.

  • File Submit Quiz: A quiz that requires a file as an answer.

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