Improt Github Repos

You can import a project from a GitHub repository and continue working on it in goormIDE.

Step 1. Navigate to the Container console page and open the creation modal

  • Click the New Container button at the top of the Container console page.

Step 2. Authenticate your GitHub account

  • Click the Import from GitHub button in the top right corner.

  • Click the Github authorization button to link your account through GitHub account.

  • Upon successful authentication, the list of repositories from the github account will be displayed.

Step 3. Create a container from GitHub repository

  • Select the repository you want to import. If the repository is set as private, it will be indicated with a badge in the list.

  • The software stack and name will be automatically entered based on the selected repository, and you can freely modify them if needed.

  • If needed, activate Additional modules/packages to install them.

  • Lastly, click the Import project button to create the container based on the provided information.

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