This is the build/run options settings for a PHP project.

  1. Index file - Set the path and name of the main file to run.

  2. Log file path - Set the path to the log file.

  3. Web viewer - Set where to show the run results in the browser (tab/new window)

How can I see the results of running a file other than index.php?

Since you have a test.php file, you can try one of the two methods below.

  1. run the project and access https://[projectURL]/test.php.

  2. go to the top menu [Project] - [Build/Run Settings], select the test.php file from the [Index File] item, and click [OK] to save it.

Replace the existing execution command with php -S${current.using.port} -t ${current.project.path} to php -S${current.using.port} ${php.set.main}.php.

Run the project and connect to https://[projectURL].

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