Can I use goormIDE on a mobile device?


goormIDE supports mobile editors and container consoles.

You can easily create, manage, and edit containers on your tablet or mobile device, and we also receive customer inquiries about mobile usage.

Additional settings for Android (Galaxy) models

Here are some additional settings to use goormIDE more convenient on Android (Galaxy) devices.

These settings are based on One UI version 6.0 and Android version 14.

1. Browser Settings:

We recommend to use goormIDE with Firefox browser. If you use Chrome browser, folders and files may not be created.

2. Android (Galaxy) Keyboard Settings:

  • Turn off Settings - General - Samsung Keyboard Settings - Smart Input - Phrase Suggestions in your device setting. If the phrase suggestion is activated, the enter input may be distorted during editing.

  • Set to floating keyboard with Settings - General - Samsung Keyboard Settings - Mode - Portrait Screen / Landscape Screen in your device setting. This will make the keyboard not to cover your editor screen.

We're working hard to make your mobile experience even better, so stay tuned for more updates.

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