Users who receive access to the container can easily collaborate using the chat feature.

Once you enter the workspace, you will automatically be joined the chat room associated with that container, allowing real-time communication. The chat room can be accessed by clicking on the chat icon in the bottom right corner of the workspace.

In the list of users who have entered the chat room, the name of each user is displayed along with their cursor position. Clicking on a user in the list will navigate the editor to the cursor position of that user.


Express yourself with lively chat using emojis! You can send emojis by clicking the Emoji button, or you can type them directly into the chat. 😊🎉

Code Highlight

Explore the power of Code Highlight when entering source code. Code highlight adds colors to your source code, making it easier to understand.

Click the Code Highlight button, select the language, and then input your source code to see the highlight in action!

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