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Click 'Start Test' button to start.

  1. You can find the information needed to solve a problem, such as the title of the problem, its contents, and examples of input and output.

  2. Write down your code in this section.

  3. You can run the initialization, save, run, test case, and submit menus.

    • Choose language: You can select one of the development languages ​​set by the issuer.

    • Init: Clears all the code you wrote and returns to the basic code.

    • Save: Saves the code you wrote. The code will remain even if you refresh the page or access the service again.

    • Run: Shows the result of the code or error messages in the terminal window.

    • Test case execution: You can check the provided test cases by the issuer to see if the code runs as you intended. You can also add input and output directly.

    • Submit: Submits your completed code. You may submit multiple times, but the number of submissions can be limited by the issuer.

  4. You can check the execution and the submission result in this section.

  5. You can see the compiler version, settings, notifications, and your Info menus.

    • Compiler version: You can find the compiler versions of all programming languages ​​available in goormDEVTH.

    • View Setting: You can change the screen settings of the content and editor area. In the content area, you can set the line spacing and screen zoom. In the editor area, you can set line spacing, font size, editor frame, shortcut map, and auto save toggle.

    • Notification: You can check notifications such as emergency notices during the exam.

    • Profile: You can edit your information here. Log out menu is also available here.

Moving to another question

You can move to the next or previous question by clicking the Next, Previous(Prev) button at the bottom.

If you want to see the list of questions, click the icon on the top left.

On the Question List tab, you can select the question you want to move to.

If you change the question without submitting the answer, you will see the message above. Save and submit your code before you move. You can come back and solve whenever before the exam ends.

Different forms of questions

This is the basic form of a multiple choice question without an editor. There can be multiple choice, short answer, narrative, O / X, line drawing, and file submission questions.

All questions must be submitted by clicking the Submit button. The answers will be submitted and reflected in the results.

Pressing the submit button will place a check mark as shown above. Please make sure to submit all questions before you leave the exam.

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