Apr. 9, 2021

v1.30.0, v.2.26.0



Updated Dashboard Container Card

Access preview URL from the main toolbar

  • The Preview button has added to the main toolbar which was waited by so many users who wanted to access their preview URL with just one click.

  • You can open the preview either in the workspace or as a new tab of the browser.

  • Only the software stacks which need the preview URL to check the template project is running are showing the Preview button on the main toolbar by default. You can set show/hide configuration at the top menu "PROJECT" => "Running URL and Port".

Resolved issues

  • Fixed a bug that the file-sharing feature was not working.

  • Fixed an issue where the container could not be run after the activation of hibernated containers.

  • Added tip about Process monitoring feature in IDE loading page.

  • Fixed a bug where default region selection is not proper in the Container Creation page.

  • Fixed a broken UI of the Visibility menu on the Share tab of IDE.

  • Fixed an issue where the container creation failed saying "The name already exists" after a failure of container creation.

  • Modified to not duplicate "https://" when pasting a URL that starts with "https://" in the Webview Widget.

  • Fixed a bug where avatars are not aligned properly on the Container Card in the Dashboard page.

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