Application Modes

Application mode provides the functionality to launch applications directly within the workspace. With this feature, you can use applications like VSCode, Jupyter Notebook, Jupyter Lab, and etc. instead of the default editors of goormIDE.

Turn on Application Mode

To use the application mode, you first need to enable the feature in the Container settings page.

The range of the application mode you can use, depends on the software stack. VSCode is available for all stacks, while Jupyter Notebook and Jupyter Lab are available only for Python stacks.

Starting Application Mode

Click the application icon you want to run in the workspace toolbar. If the application is not installed, the installation process will start, and you need to wait until it is completed.

After the application is installed, when you start application mode will open the application in the workspace editor. You can set the application to be visible on the entire screen by using the Full Screen Mode

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