Sep. 29, 2021



Moved the billing page menu to the sidebar

  • The billing page menu is moved to the sidebar of the Console page, so you can access the billing page without redirecting the page.


  • Updated the design of the Image card on the Console page.
  • You can search and filter Containers with the email of owners on the Console page.
  • Added Alert type in the alert chart on the overview page.
  • Added breadcrumb of menu title on every page.
  • Added some shortcuts information and guide links into the empty workspace of IDE.
  • Updated the UI of the Git tab on the left side of the IDE.

Resolved issue

  • Fixed the bug that brought the wrong event history date from the Resource Analysis page.
  • Fixed the bug that the number of shared personnel limits is counted as the user's Plan rather than the container owner's Plan in the Shared Container page.
  • Fixed the bug that the member invitation box is not properly visible on the Shared Container page.
  • Fixed the bug that some UI components showed the dark theme color in the light theme.
  • Fixed the bug that the Command tab did not appear when running with the IDE upper right Run button.
  • Fixed the bug that notification did not appear when File Sharing failed in IDE.
  • Fixed the bug that moves to the wrong page when clicking the container information button.