May. 24, 2021

v1.33.0, v.2.31.0



Updated New Container Page

  • Now you can create a new container on the dashboard page without redirect to the new container page.

Improved the file tab list UI

  • The file tab list UI improved to scroll move.

  • You can view the full name of the file without ellipsis.

Run commands in the background.

  • When using an Always-On container, check "Run in the background" if you want the command to run even when you close the browser.

  • When checked and executed, the "nohup" command is encased and executed without any additional work from you.

Resolved issues

  • Fixed issue that browser stops when there are many "Staged" and "UnStaged" files in Git tab.

  • Fixed issue that tabs are overlapped when you float multiple file tabs to allow horizontal scrolling in the file tab.

  • Modified "Staged", "Unmodified", "Modified" status to be visible separately on the Git tab.

  • Added Close button at the top-right end of UI in the Search feature.

  • Fixed a bug where the "service mongod start" command did not work when checked the MongoDB installation option when creating a container.

  • Added "npm install" command at Vue.js stack's run command.

  • Added a feature that allows you to open files larger than 10MB using vim editor.

  • Improved placeholder contents of Git authentication input in the New Container page.

  • Added guest information of your container in the Member card, Container Settings page.

  • Fixed issue that the new container created with an image is located last in the container list.

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