By using Commands, you can easily build and run your code. You can customize Commands. Furthermore, you can organize commands into Common, Build, Run, Test, and Deploy categories for better management.

Running Commands

To run commands, click the Run button at the top right of the workspace. Alternatively, you can click the test and build buttons for tasks. Or you can find Run button in the command tab.

Viewing Commands

Clicking the Command icon in the toolbar of the workspace will open the command panel. In this panel, you can view the list of commands organized by category, and you can add new commands as needed.

Adding a new Command

To add a new command, you can click the Add Command button in the header of the Command panel or right-click on an item and select Add Command. Once you've added a new command, you can double-click on it to open the command tab in the editor.

Each command has a default script based on the category it was created from. You can customize the command as needed.

Managing Commands

To manage commands, you can right-click on a command in the sidebar's Command panel. This will bring up a menu with options for Command management, allowing you to Configure, Duplicate, Delete, or Run scripts for the selected command.

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