Applicant Management

Go to the page by clicking 'Applicant Management' in the left menu. Then you will see the screen as below.

In 'Applicant Management', you can group the applicants, and check the status of each applicant.

  • Invite A New Applicant: You can invite people to your coding test. Please check the link below for more information on inviting applicants.

pageApplicant Invitation
  • Add A New Group / Edit Group: This lets you manage groups. Please check the link below for more details regarding this group.

pageApplicant Group Management
  • Export File(CSV): You can download a list of applicants as a .csv file.

  • Reinvite: Resends the invitation to the applicant who is waiting for your invitation.

  • Cancel invite: Cancels the invitation you sent already.

  • View Link: You can check the invitation link sent to the applicant.

  • Kick(Banish): You can banish an applicant who is 'under evaluation' state. This means banishing the applicant completely, so the applicant will not be able to take the assessment unless you invite the person again.

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