Applicant Group Management

​goormDEVTH provide a group setting function to manage applicants more efficiently.

If you have a test set according to the applicants' field, applied time, or so, you can easily manage multiple tests in one assessment by using the group setting function.

Add a new group

Add a new group to manage applicant groups. (Go to the Applicant Management menu and click Add New Group)

You can move applicants' group by selecting them from an existing list. There are two ways.

  • Add all applicants → Create groups → Move one by one

  • Create groups → Add new applicants within the groups

Applicants will be grouped like the screen above after the group setting.

Set Up An Assessment

If you finished setting up the groups, go to the 'Assessments List' menu, and you can decide which groups will take a assessment. Click the exam you want to set up.

In 'Group setting', select a group for the exam. You can also select multiple groups.

You'll see that you've completed setting up the group to take the exam.

Manage And Change Groups

Grouping applicants allows you to manage applicants efficiently. If you selected a wrong group when you invited the applicant, you can change the group later.

In Applicant Management, select a group.

After selecting the applicants whose group you want to change, move their group with the 'move group' menu.

Edit Groups

You can use the 'Edit Group' function to manage your groups. You can rename or delete a group by clicking 'Edit Group' on the 'Applicant Management' tab.

TIP! You can use Group Settings for preventing applicants from taking the wrong exam by setting each tests' group.

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