Container Specifications

Container Specifications

You can efficiently use Credits by adjusting the specifications of the container based on your needs and usage purposes.

Container specifications are organized into four types, and the number of Credits deducted during container usage varies depending on the types. GPU container are available with a special discount.

TypeSpecificationCredits per hourPrice


0.5 vCPU, 1GB Memory




2 vCPU, 2GB Memory




4 vCPU, 4GB Memory




8 vCPU, 8GB Memory



GPU Basic

3.5 vCPU, 13GB Memory

17.25 → 13.2

$0.345 → $0.264

The credits are priced at $ 0.02 each. For detailed information, refer to the this documentation.

Setting Container Specifications

You can set the specification of the container when you create based on your requirements. Similarly, when creating a container through an image or an image pack, you can set the container specification.

Additionally, you have the option to modify the specification of an existing container on the Container Settings page at any time, depending on your needs and purposes.

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