About Credits

About Credits

Credits are the currency required for using containers. When you use containers, credits are deducted. The price per credit is $ 0.02, and you can purchase credits starting from a minimum of 50.

Credits are deducted in the following conditions, and if you don't have enough credits, the active containers may be stopped or hibernated. Deductions prioritize Free Credits.

  • 45 free credits are awarded on the first day of each month, and the free credits awarded expire on the last day of the month. The time of award and expiration of free credits is based on Coordinated Universal Time (UTC).

  • Deducted based on the container specs while the container is running. For detailed information about container specifications, please refer to this help documentation.

  • Deducted when the total traffic from the container in your account exceeds 10GB, 10 credits will be deducted per 1GB traffic.

  • Deducted when the storage usage of each container exceeds the default storage capacity, 0.018 credits will be deducted per 1GB storage per hour.

You can monitor the network traffic and storage usage for each container in the Resources Monitor panel at the bottom of the workspace and in the Status bar.

Purchasing Credits

You can purchase Credits as much as you need starting from a minimum of 50 on the Payment page. Follow the steps below to charge credits:

  1. Navigate to the Payment page.

  2. Enter the number of credits you want to purchaes. You can easily set the amount of Credits by clicking one of the bulk buttons, and by clicking the Calculate credits button, you can calculate and the amount of Credits based on your development purposes or usage.

  3. Confirm the amount of Credits to be purchased and the payment amount.

  4. Select the payment method, enter the payment information, and click the Charge credits button.

Managing Credits

The amount of Credits you've purchased can be checked on the Container console sidebar and the Billing page.

Additionally, the monthly Credit usage report can be viewed on the Credit Usage page. By reviewing the monthly report, you can efficiently manage your payment of the Credits.

Credit terms

  • This policy constitutes part of the goorm Terms of Service, and any matters not specified in this policy shall be governed by the terms and conditions of the goorm Terms of Service.

  • By paying for goormIDE credits, you are deemed to have agreed to the paid service agreement.

  • Members may withdraw their subscription within 7 days from the date of subscription. However, if the contents of the contract are different from the contents displayed or advertised by the company or if the contents of the contract are different from the contents of the contract, the subscription may be withdrawn within 1 month from the date of subscription or within 14 days from the date on which the fact was known or could have been known.

  • goorm may provide credits to members based on promotions or members’ activity history, and the conditions and details of credit provision will be announced separately through goorm.

  • If a member’s service is restricted or the member withdraws due to the member’s fault, the remaining credits will be forfeited and the member cannot claim repayment or compensation for the forfeited credits. However, if the member’s service restriction is lifted, the credits will not be forfeited.

  • goorm may change the price of credits at any time and will not compensate members for any loss caused by the changed price.

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