Exam Result Management

​In the 'Exam Result Management' menu, you can see the results of the assessments you created. goormDEVTH provide a variety of data based on the submissions of applicants who took the assessment.

Once the exam has been created, it will appear on the result management list.

Select the test name you want to see in detail. Test score distribution graph, ranking & score history, and source code similarity check between applicants will be also provided.

Ranking and Scoring Result

Click on the Ranking and Scoring Results tab to see the ranking of the applicants who took the exam. This tab provides rankings based on the total score.

You can also choose view options: all or specific groups. You will be able to see the user name, total score, and submitted quiz of each applicant.

Applicants' ranking information can be downloaded as a CSV file with 'Export File' button.

Similarity Check

'Similarity Check' tab allows you to compare how similar the applicants' answer is with others. You can prohibit cheating with this function.

The maximum similarity rate of the answers can be adjusted by the issuer, and the result will be filtered out only if the similarity is higher than the applied rate.

Please keep in mind that if the code is less than 30 lines, the similarity check may be less accurate.

In the list of applicants with similar answers, click the View Source Code button on each line to see a Compare code popup window that shows how similar the source code is of the two applicants.

The interviewer can check the similarity here and judge whether it is cheating or not.

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