Apr. 20, 2020




Importing Kakao Oven projects

  • Kakao Oven projects can now be created in goormIDE by creating a Kakao Oven project in the 'Create Container' Menu or by using the import feature inside goormIDE.

    • Kakao Oven is a free HTML5 based web / app prototyping tool.

  • Using the 'Create Container' Menu

  • Using the import feature inside goormIDE editor.

    • Importing a project via "File > Import > Kakao Oven"

Container hub

  • You can see other shared containers' codes or results.

  • You can also give a star if you like the project!

  • The container gallery has been renewed.

Resolved issues

  • Fixed a bug where autocomplete was unavailable in *.sql.

  • Fixed a bug where the command was not added or added to the unselected command type when clicking the add command in the left command tab of the goormIDE editor.

  • Removed the list viewer in dashboard.

  • Fixed a bug where a last opened file could not be opened when restarting the IDE.

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