Muti Project

Multi-project is the feature to work on multiple projects in a single container.


In the Project Explorer on the right, press the + icon and click the New Sub project button.

Enter the project name you want to use and click the Create New Sub project button to create a new project with the same environment as your existing project.

Sub projects can only have the same stack and the same templates as the main project - we don't yet support creating different templates!


To set build options, click [Project] > [Properties].

Please refer to Build setting for each stack

Git integrationit

Click the Register repository button on the Git tab, or click the folder settings icon on the top right to display the Git settings window. In the Git settings window, you can enter the [Folder settings] tab and select a folder to integrate Git. From here, you can select the desired subproject and connect the repository to use Git in the subproject.

Before setting the folder, you need to run git init or run Git clone on the [Repository Registeration] tab to get the Change button when you select the folder.

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