Jul. 13, 2021

v1.37.0, v.2.33.0



Additional Always-On

  • Finally you can use more than one Always-On Container.

  • It is only available for the new Premium users now. Existing Premium users will be able to purchase additional Always-On slots in the near future!

A new Plan for the Team users

  • Apart from Individual Plans, a Plan that can be used as an Organization has been released.

  • Manage people on a Team basis within your Organization!

  • You can manage Containers by dividing them into Spaces.

  • You can also invite and give permission to people you want per Space.

  • You can experience it through the free trial with the highest plan for 14 days now.

Full-Screen Mode

  • You can focus on the editor through the Full-Screen mode icon at the bottom left of the IDE.

  • Also you can quickly switch to Full-Screen mode through the following shortcut:

    • macOS ( ⌥ + ⇧ + W )

    • Windows ( Alt + Shift + W )

Resolved Issues

  • Fixed a bug where the left sidebar command was not visible when accessing the editor.

  • Fixed a bug where the case was insensitive when searching for words in files.

  • Fixed a bug where the refresh button disappears when resizing in the Git UI on the left sidebar.

  • Added onboarding tutorial on the Dashboard page.

  • Added Automatic build feature in JSP stack.

  • Usability has been improved so that a wider editor can be used when the upper tab and lower tab are removed from the editor.

  • Fixed errors caused by missing /data folder on the initial run after MongoDB installation.

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