Import Quiz and General Settings

Import Quiz

You can add quizzes into the assessment via Import Quiz.

If you click Import Quiz, you will see the screen below.

On the left side, you can preview the content of the quiz. You can filter the published quizzes by tags such as quiz mode, quiz type, difficulty, language, and etc.

You can also select multiple tags and exclude specific keywords when you search.

You can select multiple quizzes at once, and sort them by quiz type, quiz name, language, difficulty, and author.

General settings

When you make a quiz, you have to choose quiz type, visibility option and basic information in general settings. The editing screen will be like this:

Select Quiz Type

Choose the quiz type between the two below: (Scoring or submit modes may not be supported depending on the quiz type)

  • Exam Mode: Automatically grades the submitted results and shows the results immediately. If you selected Exam mode, you need to add answers and set scoring options in advance.

  • Submit mode: The automatic scoring function will be not used. The submitted results can be viewed and downloaded.

Quiz Visibility

The Private / Public buttons make your quiz either private or public.

  • Public: This quiz will be available in any channel.

  • Private: The quiz will be only available within the corresponding test.

  • Channel: This quiz will be only available within the channel.

Quiz information

In the quiz information, you can enter the Title, Level(difficulty), Source, URL, Contents, Questions Intended. You can also upload a PDF file as contents.

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