Aug. 19, 2021

v 1.39.0, v2.35.0



Application Mode

  • You can run Jupyter notebook application in the python stack container without additional install.

  • Check the Jupyter option in the New Container page to create a container with Jupyter notebook.

  • Or you can toggle the Jupyter option on the Container Settings page.

Additional Always-on in Basic and Student Plan

  • Now Basic and Student plan users also can purchase Always-on.

Inviting members using CSV file in Team plan

  • Organization admin can invite many members with CSV file.

  • The CSV file should include emails to invite.

Resolved Issues

  • Fixed a bug where CSS is inappropriate on the Pricing page.

  • Fixed a bug where the organization user profile does not show public spaces.

  • Fixed a bug where organization members can access the Billing page.

  • Fixed a bug where the buttons in the drop-down that appeared when you right-click the top file tree did not work.

  • Added feedback button on the Organization Console page.

  • Show only languages created within your organization in the container filter options.

  • Added clear condition icon in the container filter button.

  • Fixed a bug where multi-selection did not work in the file tree.

  • The directory name of the main project is changed to match the name of the container being created when creating a container from a container image.

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