Jan. 7, 2021

v1.20.0, v.2.17.0



Updated GitHub authentication method

  • The Github authentication method was changed which is in the container creation process.

  • You can use GitHub authentication in a more secure way.

Added Event Log feature to Git version management tab

  • The Event feature has been added to the version control tab on the left sidebar.

  • In the Events tab, you can check logs of git-related actions. It provides a clearer reason for failure.

Resolved issues

  • Fixed a bug where showing the incorrect number of containers on the Dashboard page.

  • Added a Create button to the bottom of the container creation page.

  • Fixed a bug where an error occurred when there were no invitees when inviting users to a container.

  • Fixed a bug in which the modifications of files right under the /workspace directory were not saved.

  • Improved wordings of file import/export feature in goormIDE.

  • Blocked old browsers like IE and legacy versions of Edge.

  • Fixed a problem where the terminal was reset and moved to the root path.

  • Fixed the infinite progress of unzip/untar bug.

  • Fixed a bug where the branch search input is not reset after closing the tab.

  • Fixed a bug where the Members table is broken when inviting more than a certain number of users.

  • Updated some error messages to more user-friendly when creating a container.

  • Added preview button to *.md extension file.

  • Fixed a bug where the container empty notice is not displayed on the Dashboard page.

  • Support responsive design in the container list of the Dashboard and partner list of the Pricing page.

  • Fixed some UI bugs in the Dashboard page.

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