This is the build/run options settings for a Spring-Maven project.

The project.build described below refers to the <project> <build></build> </project> in the pom.xml file.

  1. pom.xml path - The path to the pom.xml file. The default setting is pom.xml in the top-level path of the project.

    • Automatically set pom.xml path when container runs - If checked, automatically locate and set the pom.xml location when accessing the container. The top-level pom.xml is prioritised.

    • The lower property values will be set automatically by changing the pom.xml path, saving the pom.xml file, or referencing the file when the project is run. At this time, the project.properties set in the pom.xml are also read and applied.

  2. Deploy path - This is the path that Tomcat looks at when running the project. The [Project]>[Toggle Auto Build] feature will also compile and copy files based on this path. The path is set to project.build.directory/project.build.finalName in the pom.xml.

    • Command variable: ${java.set.deploy.path}

  3. Source path - set to project.build.sourceDirectory in the pom.xml.

    • Command variable: ${java.set.src_path}

  4. Build path - set to project.build.outputDirectory in the pom.xml.

    • Command variable: ${java.set.build.path}

  5. Log file path - Set the path to the log file.

The set in of the pom.xml are also available.

  • Reads the profile.properties where project.profiles.profile.activation.activeByDefault is set to true.

  • If the variable names are the same as those in the existing project.properties, the values set in project.profiles will take precedence.

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