Introduction to the Workspace

Running a container that includes an single development environment allows you to focus on development in the cloud workspace without the complex configurations.

The workspace represents an IDE working space where you can develop projects, including powerful tools for editing, building, and supporting development tasks.

Create a Container

A container refers to a virtual machine(VM) containing an single development environment. Changes made within the container are stored in the cloud environment, allowing you to run the container from anywhere and continue development in the same environment.

Containers can be created in just 1 minute. Check out the Quickstart documentation to get started!

Run your code

To run your code, click the Run button in the top-right corner of the workspace, or manually enter the CLI scripts in the terminal. Also you can customize the scripts of the Run button. To learn how to customize the Run command, please check this help documentation!

Check the output

The results of code can be viewed in the panel at the bottom of the workspace. If you're developing web applications, you can use the provided domain to check the code output in your browser. Learn how to create and manage domains in this help documentation!

Powerful collaboration features

goormIDE provides powerful collaborative editing features to efficiently collaborate with your peers.

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