Sep. 14, 2021

v 1.40.0, v2.36.0



Organization container resource page

  • Resource overview page

    • You can the check overall status of your organization`s containers.

    • It includes the number of containers, SW stack chart, CPU, and uptime of containers.

  • Resource Analysis page

    • You can get a report of a selected container within a period.

    • It includes container resources, Code contributing, time tracking of the members, and container event history.

Resolved issue

  • Fixed a bug that the value of progress bar in the sidebar is incorrect on the organization console.

  • Fixed a bug that the alignment of buttons is incorrect on the Space owner delegation modal.

  • Fixed a bug that the Space admin can not delete containers in the space.

  • Fixed a bug that the Run button in the console gives a wrong URL at the first time when you use application Mode.

  • Fixed a bug that the position of tooltip is incorrect on the Avatar in the Container card.

  • Added number of purchases on the details purchases in the checkout page.

  • Added debounce for search in the member invitation page to search without press enter key.

  • Fixed a bug that the alignment of dropdown items is incorrect in the Space settings page.

  • Fixed a bug that the error toast message does not work in the Organization settings page.

  • Fixed a bug that change the opacity of all modals when adjusting IDE web view widget transparency.

  • Enhanced the multi-select feature of the command tab.

  • Fixed to be adjusted immediately without refresh when changing the scope of sharing of the project.

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