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goormDEVTH is a software testing service that can evaluate applicants' basic algorithm knowledge and development ability with different quizzes.

If internet is available, applicants can be evaluated in real time wherever they are. This makes our testing faster and more accurate compared to traditional test methods.

If you are on goormDEVTH website, you will see the screen above. From now on, please follow this goormDEVTH service guide. In order to use goormDEVTH, sign up and log in first. If you do not have a goorm integrated account, click the Sign Up button for signing up.

On the sign up page, enter your email address. Click Send a Verification Mail to proceed email verification. You can use every goorm service with a single integrated account. Therefore, if you have signed up with your email on the other services, "This email has already been taken." message will come up and email verification will not be proceeded. In this case, please log in with the goorm account you signed up before. If you have passed the email verification, enter your password, name, and check the Terms of Service box. Then click Create Account to complete the sign up process. Please note that the password must be a combination of 8 to 30 alphanumeric characters and special characters. If you followed all these steps, now you are ready to use goormDEVTH service!

You can also sign in with other social accounts such as Facebook, Google, Naver, Github, Bitbucket, etc. After signing in and agreeing with the terms of service from the platform corresponding to the clicked icon, you can log in easily without the procedure described above.

You can find the sign in button in the upper right corner on every goorm service page. Go to login page and log in with your account or simply log in via the social login buttons.

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