Sep. 17, 2019


  • Added Modern version of goormIDE (Beta).

    • You can run goormIDE's Modern version by selecting it in the drop down menu beside the Run button.

    • As it is still in development, there may be bugs or missing features that are present in the previous(Classic) version.

    • The Classic version is planned to be deprecated when the Modern version is fully developed.

  • Added New Stack: HTML/CSS/JS

    • When you open a .html file, you can click the [Open Preview] button in the upper right corner of the editor to open the preview.

    • Preview will be automatically reloaded when you save a file.

  • Ubuntu 18.04 and Ubuntu 16.04 OS support for some stacks.

    • Supported stacks include: Blank, C/C++, HTML/CSS/JS, Python, Django, Flask, Jupyter Notebook, Tensorflow, PyQt, React, React Native, Node.js, Express, Polymer, PHP

    • Unsupported stacks will also be updated later.

  • Added Container Gallery.

    • You can view other user's source code by accessing their container with read-only permission.

    • Click on the star if you like.

    • You can set your container to be either Public or Private when creating a container. Containers set to Public will be shown in the Container Gallery. If you do not want your container to be shown in the Container Gallery, please set your container to be Private.

  • Added Additional module/package option.

    • In the last step of creating your container, check the desired module/package option and the corresponding shell script will be executed while your container is being created.

    • Currently, there are options for MySQL and MongoDB. Please let us know if there's any other option you want us to include!

Resolved issues

  • Fixed a bug scenario where the Project Explorer would get stuck when creating or deleting new files or folders.

  • Updated the JavaScript's default linter(jshint) version to support ES9 (previously up to ES6).

  • Updated from Node.js 6 to Node.js 10 (Ubuntu 14.04).

  • Fixed a bug scenario where file content in collaboration was not syncing.

  • Fixed a bug that prevented debug from working correctly in C projects.

  • Updated pip version from 9.X to 19.X on Python stack (Ubuntu 14.04).

  • Fixed a bug that caused the Flask stack to not run properly.

  • Changed from using python 2 as the default compiler on the Django stack to python 3 and updated the Django version from 1.11.X to 2.1.X (Ubuntu 14.04).

  • Fixed a bug that caused the ?token=goorm parameter to be duplicated in the project URL when run multiple times on a Jupyter Notebook stack.

  • When creating a new container, a search bar has been added to allow you to search the repository name after linking your Github/Bitbucket account.

  • Fixed bug where commit and update did not work for SVN private repository.

  • Fixed a socat: Address already in use error when running multiple times on the React Native stack.

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