You can easily manage your branches from the Git [Branch] tab. It outputs a list of the branches currently created, and provides 2 pieces of information.

  • Branch: The name of the branch.

  • Current: The branch of the project you are currently working on. Git provides different working directories for different branches, so if you move a branch, your working directory will also change.

The Branch tab offers 3 commands you can select a single branch to execute a command.

  • Create: Creates a new branch. Click the button and a pop-up window will appear where you can enter a name for the branch. Enter the branch name and click the OK button to complete the branch creation.

  • Merge: Merges the selected branch into the desired branch.

  • Checkout: Moves the working directory to the selected branch. After clicking the button, the Branch tab and Project Explorer will update and you will see that your current location has been moved to the selected branch.

When you create a branch, you can select a starting point for the branch.

You can select the parent commit of the current working copy, a specific commit, a specific branch, a specific tag, or you can select a commit directly from the list of the last 15 commits.

If you select the 'Move to a new branch' option, you will be automatically moved to the branch created after the branch is created.

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