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Refers to a single development environment that a user or organization own. A Container is a Virtual Machine(VM) that hosted in the cloud environment.

Container stack

Refers to a softwares configured by default in the container. While each container only has one container stack configured, you can install additional software as needed.


Refers to the example files including all software packages that are automatically generated within the container. You can start a new project based on this template.



Refers to the IDE workspace where projects can be developed.

Located at the top of the workspace, it allows you to check container information and configure various settings of the container.

Located below the menu, it visually displays the hierarchy of folders and files, making it easy to navigate and quickly move through project structures.


Located at the left side of the workspace, it is the area of various development tools and application modes icons.

Located at the right of the toolbar, it is the area of development tools, including the file tree.


Located at the center of the workspace, it is the area where file tabs, preview tabs, terminal tabs, etc., appear. You can view or edit files here.


Located below the editor, it is the area where the terminal, search, resource monitor, and lint inspection window appear.

Status bar

Located at the bottom of the workspace, it allows you to check the CPU, memory, and network status of the container. It also has preview and chat features.



Refers to the currency required for using containers. Credits are deducted as you use containers.



Administrator can add new members to the organization, delete existing members, or change permissions.


A group of the members, When setting permissions at the team level for a space or container, the permissions apply to all members of that team.


A group of the containers, Every container in the organization must be included in one space. It enables convenient management of containers by organizing them based on desired criteria.

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