Create a New Container

Click the +new container button on the console page.


Please enter the container name and description correctly. Container name field is mandatory and only allows alphanumeric characters, ' _ ' and ' -'.


Choose your Region(Oregon-US or Seoul-KOR) of cloud data center and the Visibility option (Public or Private).
If you set it to "Public", it will be listed in our Container Gallery and anyone can access to the container. Please be aware that your sensitive information (server password, personal information, etc.) can be exposed.
You can still share the container with other people through a link even if it is a private container.
Public / Private settings can be changed after container creation.

Choose a software stack

You can set a development language, type of project, and a template of your choice.
When you create an empty project, build and execution options settings are required. To start a project with build and execution options set, use the console (default) project.

Additional module/package

You can select the additional module/package you want and install them together when you create a container.


For Python stack, you can choose to use Jupyter notebooks.


After filling out the basic information, press the Create button at the top. You can see a new container on your console after few seconds. 🎉