Detailed Description of How to Create a New Container

There are three different ways to create a new project.
  • Bring a default template from programming languages
  • Import source code from storage sites(ex. Github, Bitbucket)
  • Import source code from your own computer(ZIP/TAR file)

Templates from programming languages

To create a template project, click the Template radio button.
After choosing a development language, you can select a suitable type of project. (For some project type, you need to add additional information such as source folder names.)
When you create an empty project, additional build and execution options settings are required. To start a project with build and execution options, use the Console (default) project.
Select additional module/package you want, and press the Create button at the top-right corner.

Import Source Code from your storage(SCM)

Click the SCM button in the source item to create a project managed by Git or Subversion. Clone the projects from the Git and Subversion repositories to your container.
Select a type of storage your project uses, type the storage address.
If you want to import from a private repository, you must authenticate your user account before proceeding. To import from a public repository, select anonymous and skip authentication.
If you are creating a project with SCM under 'Project Types', select an Empty Project. Write down all the required information and click the Create button. Then it'll be downloaded from the repository and now you can see the container on your console.

Import from my computer(ZIP/TAR file)

If you already have a project you're working on, and it is in your computer, you can move the project to goormIDE and continue. Click the ZIP/TAR file radio button.
The project you want to import has to be compressed by zip or tar extension and uploaded from the file selection window.
Name your project and add a description. Then, select the language of the project you want to import. When you create a project through Import Files, you should select an empty project type.
Write down the required information and click the Create button at the top-right corner. Once the file is uploaded to your server, the container is created on the console.