Run the Project

If the project has progressed to a certain extent, run it to see the result.

How to Run

Open the project and click the Run icon at the top toolbar. Alternatively, go to [Project] > [Run] or press Shift+F5(Mac:⇧F5)
If you do not have a run command, you can add it by right clicking on the 'Run' menu in the Left Layout [Command] tab. You can add default commands for each language and framework.
When you run the code, a tab for run command appears at the bottom layout. This tab is a Run-only terminal that displays the results of a run command action.
The clear button clears the run performance history. The Stop button makes the program stop.
You can check results or give input values from this terminal.

If you want to run a selected file,

Select a file from the Project tab in the left layout and right-click. Then, click the [Run] > [Run selected file] menu.
Last modified 3yr ago