In the same project, you can communicate easily with others by "Chats".
To chat, you need to run the project you're sharing. When you run a project, you will be automatically added to the project's chat room. Then you can chat in real time with other users in the same project.
When you send a message, it also shows when the message was sent.
You can chat freely, but if you send many messages in a short time, the messages are considered as spam and you will be temporarily blocked.

Extra features for chat

goormIDE have various extra features for chat.


Chat lively using emoticons. You can press the emoticon, or type the emoji text directly to send .

Code highlights

When you send source code in a chat, try code highlighting. Code highlighting is a feature that makes the source code easier to read.
Press the button to select the language of the source code you want to send and press the Language button to apply the code highlighting. The code highlighting feature is a toggle, so to remove the highlighting, press the language button again.
If you have a file that you want to see along, you can send the file link in chat. However, the file must exist in the project shared with others. Right-click the file in the left [Project] tab to bring up the context menu. Click the Send file link in chat menu, that will send a link to the file in the chat window. Click the link to open the file.
You can also send code lines. Place the cursor on a line in the editor and right click . Then Click the "Send File Link via Chat" menu to send the link and line of the file to the chat window. Click this link to open the file and you'll get to the line.