Share the Project

It is easy to share projects on goormIDE. Share projects with your team members and make them better together. If you are a student, study algorithms with other people. With your container share link, you can ask about the code at a community. Depending on the share link settings, people can access without goorm accounts, which means you can quickly share with anyone!

1. Share Project in IDE

Click the [SHARE THIS PROJECT] tab on the left layout or go to [Project] > [Share this Project] on the Top menu. This will switch you to the project sharing tab like below.

1-1. Share via an e-mail

If you want to share your project with team members and work with them, share it via emails.
Please note that team members also have to have goorm accounts when you share via email. Write down the email address of your teammate and if it exists, it will be auto completed.
You can select permission of the user after choosing a user.
  • Read (ro perm): Read only permission without file modifications. Can't modify in terminal commands either.
  • Read/Write (rw perm): People can edit your file. They have Read and Write permission of the workspace in the terminal.
  • Root (root perm): People get root permission in the terminal.
  • Shareable (root perm): The highest permission. People get root permission and also granted to share the project directly.
When you finish permission settings, click the OK button in the bottom right corner to finish.
Team members can see the shared project in their console.
If you want to temporarily share with someone, you can share it with a link. Users who share the link will be disconnected as soon as they close their browser. Depending on the settings, they can access without goorm accounts.
  • All users connected via the link can be checked with the "Guest" mark.
  • If you want to export users who are sharing or accessing the project, you can export them by clicking the delete(bin) icon.
  • If you want to deactivate the share link, change it by clicking the Change link icon.
  • Shared scope: (1) Anyone - Anyone can access to the container without goorm accounts. (2) Project member - goorm account is needed to access to the container. If they are not logged in, login page will automatically come up
  • Permission when invited: Granted permissions when people accessed through a link.

2. Share on a Console

You can see the share link on console also.
If you want to set to share options, click the Configuration(···) button at the top right corner of the project.
You can also see 'share' in setting page by clicking the settings button. or 'copy link' button.
You can also check/manage users who are accessing the container.