Multi Project

Multi-project is a function that allows multiple projects to be carried out in one container.


Press the + icon in the project explorer on the right and press the Sub Project button to open a new sub-project window as follows. You can create a new project in the same environment as an existing project by entering the name of the project and pressing the Create New Sub Project button.
How to create a sub project.
Sub projects can only have the same stack, the same template as the main project, and the feature to create different templates is not yet supported.


Select [Top Menu] - [Project] - [Build/Run Configuration] to manage configration for each project.
Build/Run Configuration screen for project properties.

Use Git

On the Git tab, press the Register repository button or press the folder settings icon in the upper right corner to see the Git window. In the Git window, you can enter the Directory Settings tab and select a folder to use Git. If you select the desired sub project here and proceed with the storage connection, you can also use Git in the sub project.
How to change Git directory.
Before setting up a directory, you must run git init or clone the repository on the Repository tab to see the Change button when selecting that folder.