Get a Project from the Repository

Want to manage the version of your project source code? goormIDE provides an easy access to Git and SVN, the source code management systems.
First, there are two ways to download a project from the repository.
  • Import when creating a new project
  • Import after the project is created

Import when creating a new project

If you want to work on a project loaded on goormIDE and continue to manage versions, use Clone / Checkout feature on a new project. To learn how, Please refer to link below.

Import after the project is created

To import a project from repositories to your current project, press the [SCM] button on the left layout.
Press the [Register repository] button.
The following instructions are same as creating a new project, so please refer to Detailed Description of How to Create a New Container.
When you import it to your current project, you can change the name (and store path) of the folder that contains the project.
You can still change user accounts in your version.
Once you receive your project, the configurationbutton will appear, and you can change your account at any time by selecting 'Authorized user' and filling your account information.