You can easily manage branches on the branch tab of SCM layout In this tab, you can see a list of the branch names that exist currently. Also, you can check these two status:
  • Branch: Shows the branch's name.
  • Current: Shows the branch of the project you are currently working on. Git provides different working directories for different branches, so moving a branch also changes your working directory.
The Branch tab provides the three commands below. You can run a command by selecting a branch.
  • Create: Creates a new branch. Clicking the button brings up a popup window where you can write down the branch name. Fill the branch name and press OK button to create a branch.
  • Merge: Merges selected branch into the master branch.
  • Checkout: Moves working directory to a different branch. After checking out, you can see that your current location has been moved to the branch you have selected.
When you create a branch, you can select the starting point of the branch.
You can select between parent commit, specific commit, specific branch, specific tag of the current working copy, or you can choose the commit directly from the list of the last 15 commits.
If you select 'Check out new branch' option, it will be automatically move you to the branch after created.
Last modified 3yr ago