Event tab

In the "Events" tab, you can see what you have done using goormIDE's Git GUI.
In addition, a guide function has been added that informs the cause of failure in more detail and suggests a solution to the problem so that even beginners who are not good at Git can easily use it.

Example error situation


Reason: If you did not enter a commit message Solution: After clicking the commit button, fill in the commit message and commit again.


Reason: If you change the branch without saving the changes, the following error occurs. Solution: There are 3 solutions. 1. Commit the changes directly to the current branch and then change the branch. 2. Click Force Checkout to delete unsaved changes and then change the branch. 3. Clicking Smart Checkout entails merging the current changes into the branch you are moving to.


Reason: If you do not have permission to the Git origin repository, you will get the following error. Solution: After pressing the register permission button, enter ID, PW, and push again.


Reason: Occurs when automatic merger fails after receiving a Git pull. Solution: Click View Conflict Files to open a list of conflicting files. Resolve the conflict of open files and commit,
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