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​Download files from goormIDE to your computer, or upload files from your computer to goormIDE. You can also upload folders.

Import/Upload a File

Upload files from your computer to goormIDE. Please be sure if the file name contains any special characters, if cannot be uploaded.
To upload a file, go to [File] > [Import / Upload File]. In the 'Import / Upload File' pop-up window that follows, upload the file, select the location to upload it to, and click OK button to upload the file to that location.
Alternatively, drag and drop the file you want to upload to the location to import the file from the left layout project explorer, or right click and click the Import / Upload File menu.
You can also upload files by dragging and dropping them into the workspace. This time, the file will be uploaded to the project root directory.

Export a File

Download files from goormIDE to your computer.
To download a file, go to [File] > [Export File]. Alternatively, right-click the project explorer on the left and click the [Export File] menu. In the following 'Export File' pop-up window, select the file you want to download and press OKbutton.

Export a Folder

Download the folder from goormIDE to your computer.
To download the folder, right-click the folder in the project layout on the left side of goormIDE, and go to the file export menu. In the second menu that follows, choose the compression type you want and the compressed file will be downloaded in a second.

Share a File

To share a file, right-click the file tree and click [Share This File].
The file sharing address will be created, you can set the sharing range, and when you access the created address, you can view the shared file with goorm code viewer.

Upload a Folder

Upload a folder from your computer to goormIDE. You can upload a folder as is without compressing.
To upload a folder, go to [File] > [Upload Folder] or right-click on the left layout project explorer in goormIDE and click the [Upload Folder] menu. In the 'Load Folder' pop-up window, select a folder to upload and click OK button.
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