Cloud Foundry

goormIDE provides an interface for deploying applications immediately to Cloud Foundry.

Here's how to use it:

  • Access to the container that contains the application you want to deploy, and click Cloud Foundry-Info on the top [Deployment] menu. Or click [Connect] on the Cloud Foundry menu of Deploy on the toolbar.
  • Enter your Cloud Foundry Pivotal account and press the Connect button. If you do not have an account, please click this link to create an Org and a basic space.
  • After filling the User Name and the Password, you can check the connection.
  • Write a manifest.yml for your application to deploy using the [Push] tab. It will sync with manifest.yml on the file system, so you can edit it in the editor too.
  • After you finish writing, press the Push button at the bottom right of the Push tab to deploy. You can check the progress of deployment through the CF [Push] tab created at the bottom.
  • If the application has been successfully deployed, you can access to the deployed application directly through the [App] tab.

If you don't have an application yet, but want to test your deployment?

Click the samples link on the Info tab and try out the sample applications provided by Cloud Foundry!