goormIDE provides an immediate interface for deploying applications to Heroku.
1. First, prepare Heroku account email and API Key. (API Key can be found on the Account Setting page after logging in from the Heroku homepage.)
2. Tap the 'Create New Container' button on the console.
3. On the Create Container page, select Heroku as the deployment option, enter the email and API keys, and click the Import button (You must set the Public Scope option to Private before you can select the deployment option).
4. You can view a list of apps distributed to the Heroku account you entered and create apps right away. If you don't have an app that you have already distributed, please create the app by entering the app's name and selecting Region.
5. If you created it with the correct name, it will be added to the app list as follows: Now select the app with the name you want to distribute, select the remaining options such as container name, description, software stack, and click the Create button.
6. Develop apps to deploy from the container you created. If you are ready for deployment, click the Command tab on the left and right-click on the Deployment Command menu so that the menu appears as follows: Then click the 'Add Heroku command' button.
7. A command is created to run a deployment script written with the Heroku CLI as follows: Now click the Run button to deploy.
8. The terminal that runs the command is added and the pre-written script runs. Since it is deployed internally through Git to Heroku, you must create a commit message each time you deploy it. (See Heroku's documentation for more information, link.
9. When the deployment is complete, a completion message is output as follows: You can also check the deployed apps on the Heroku site.
10. You can access the URL displayed in the terminal window to view the deployed apps.