Find in Projects / Directories

Search for words in all files under a project or directory. If a region is selected in the editor, the selected region will be automatically entered in the search term.
To search, go to [Edit] > [Search]. Alternatively, press the
icon on the top toolbar or press the default shortcut Alt + H (Mac: ⌥H). You can also right click in the editor to run it.
To search in a specific directory, right-click on the folder from the left side and click on the [Find in This Directory] menu. A 'Search' pop-up window will appear with Directory Path showing the path of the selected directory.
You can specify your search scope in the 'Search' pop-up window. If you specify a search range, it searches only for the options given. You can configure a project, the directory path or the file type. By default, the root directory of current project is selected. You can specify multiple directory paths or files to search for by separating them with ','.
The detailed search method is the same as "Find in Editor", please check the article below.
However, since the file is searched in the saved file, the modified results are not displayed.
If you want to replace all the words you've searched for with other words, type the word you want to replace in the replace box and click the Replace All button.
After pressing the Search button, the search results will appear in the [Search] tab in the bottom. The number of result will be displayed as a badge and the search results will appear with the location. The results will be displayed with the editor contents for each file. The editor contents can be hidden by clicking the
icon to the left of the file name. Double-clicking on the highlighted location will automatically open the file and jump to that line.
If you want to search again after the source code is modified, press the Refresh button. If you want to clear the results, press the Clear Results button.