Refactor the source code to improve readability and ease of maintenance. goormIDE offers a "Safe Delete" feature. "Safe delete" is a feature to check whether a variable or function is no longer used.
To refactor with the Safely Delete function, first, select the name of the variable or function you want to delete in the editor, then go to [Edit] > [Refactor] > [Safe Delete] or right-click in the editor. When you run the function, the entire project is searched for the name of the selected variable or function. If it is not used anywhere, the search result will not appear. If it is used, the editor contents of the location where the variable or function is used will be displayed as the search result at the bottom [search] tab.
Double click each location to go to that source code. Hover each locations to see the X, and click it to delete a variable or a function at the location. Clicking an X in a file name deletes all retrieved variables or functions in that file. Other features on the Search tab are the same as "Find in Project".
Last modified 3yr ago