Just like the editor, you can change the settings to make your own terminal environment.
To change terminal settings, either go to [goormide] > [Preferences], click
icon at the bottom left corner, or press the default shortcut Alt + P (Mac: ⌥P). You can go to the Terminal Settings screen by clicking [Terminal] from the left menu of the Preferences window.
Here's what you can change:
  • Font: Changes the font used in terminal. goormIDE offers five fonts: Source Code Pro, Courier New, Lucida Console, Nanum Gothic Coding and D2 Coding, the default setting is Source Code Pro.
  • Font Size: Changes the size of the letters in terminal. You can change it from 11px to 40px. The default size is 12px. You can also change it by placing your the cursor inside and pressing the default shortcut -Zoom in: Ctrl + = (Mac: ⌘=) -Zoom out: Ctrl + - (Mac: ⌘-) However, if you change it by any method other than the setting window, only the active terminal will change temporarily, it will be not applied to other terminals.
  • Line Spacing: Adjust the space between lines in the terminal. You can change from 1.0 to 1.7, the default is 1.3.
  • Font Color: Change the color of the text used in terminal. goormIDE offers 5 different colors: White, Red, Blue, Green and Yellow. The default setting is White.
  • Shortcut Key: Set the shortcut used by the terminal. If you select the Use Ctrl + C/V as copy/paste option, you can drag text from the terminal and copy it through Ctrl + C, and press Ctrl + V to paste the content on the clipboard into the terminal. You have to accept the clipboard permission to use this option.