goormIDE provides terminals, so developers who are familiar with it can do advanced work.
By default, terminal tab is at the bottom layout of goormIDE. If you want to open a new terminal window, go to the [WINDOW] > [New Terminal Window] or press the shortcut Alt + Shift + T (Mac: ⌥⇧T). A new terminal window will appear in the workspace. And this terminal window will be not maintained if goorm is refreshed.
In Project Explorer, you can right-click on a folder and click the [Open Terminal With This Location] menu to open a terminal in a new window. It will automatically move you to that folder.
※ GoormIDE is a docker container-based service and does not support system permissions for containers due to security policy. Therefore, commands that access system resources such as ufw, systemctl, and docker(docker in docker) cannot be used.