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How do I register for AWS Educate?

Some users abusing aws educate credit have been found and is currently undergoing maintenance. We will do our best to complete the maintenance work as quickly as possible.

Here's how to register for AWS Educate via goorm.
1. Join the goorm service(If you already have a goorm service account, go to step 2!) Please log in to the subscription page ( and create an account :)
2. On the profile page, click the Register AWS Educate button. Go to your profile page (,
Click on the Application for Registration button in the Additional Benefits Information.
3. Click the AWS Educate link from the email you registered with your account. (AWS Educate registration email is sent through a review process, which can take up to 12 hours.) Open your "AWS Educate Application" email and click on the link to "click here."
4. Write a simple self introduction
1)Check Preferred Language.
2) Complete all the fields below and click NEXT button.
3) Select "Click here to select an AWS Educate Starter account" and click on the Next button.
If you proceed by selecting "Click here to enter your AWS account ID", you may incur additional charges after using all credits. You are responsible for costs.
If you use a Starter account, using all credits will automatically stop the service. No additional charges are incurred.
4) Click Submit button after agreeing to "Terms of Use"
5) You will receive an approval message for AWS Educate registration when the screen below appears.
5. Create an AWS Educate account
1) Click the 'Click Here' link in the approval email.
2) Set the password for the account.
3) Click 'AWS Account' on the upper right.
4) Click the AWS Educate Starter Account button.
5) Scroll down and click the I Agree button.
6) Click the AWS Console button to go to the console page.
After you register for AWS Educate, you have completed accessing the console to use AWS credits!